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Pertinence Properties Limited acquires properties from Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

On the 23rd of November 2020, Pertinence Properties officially acquired acres of land from the former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. The official handing over of the property had the former President and his aide in attendance as well as the Co-Founders of Pertinence Group, Sunday Olorunsheyi, and Wisdom Ezekiel.

Pertinence Group  Co-Founders, Sunday Olorunsheyi and Wisdom Ezekiel walking alongside former President, Olusegun Obasanjo
Pertinence Group Co-Founders, Sunday Olorunsheyi and Wisdom Ezekiel walking alongside former President, Olusegun Obasanjo

The newly acquired property is set to be a new Pertinence Properties estate called Lavida Hills and is located at Ikola, Alagbado area of Lagos state. Lavida Hills is opening up for sale with a promo.

When asked about the newly acquired estate, Wisdom Ezekiel, one of the Co-founders of Pertinence Group said:

“The housing deficit problem in Nigeria is one that Pertinence Properties has been neck-deep in trying to solve and we are always searching for more and more ways to do just that. This new estate is one of those many ways through which we intend to solve that problem while ensuring that Nigerians have access to luxurious and affordable homes at the same time. It is not impossible.”

Homify, a three-phased real estate investment enterprise established by Pertinence Properties is set to be one of the projects that will be taking place in Lavida Hills with emphasis on Homify Homes, a luxurious and smart homes housing initiative that gives individuals a convenient payment plan that spans up to 3 years.

Interested individuals who would love to be property owners in this location should contact Pertinence Properties on 08140000428 or 08182496310.

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This is Homify

“From its inception, Pertinence’s core goal has been to change the way real estate is done in Nigeria. We’ve been doing this and we’ll never stop.” – Jeffrey Itepu, CEO Pertinence Properties Limited.

With a decade of experience and in-depth expertise in the real estate industry, real estate giant, Pertinence Properties Limited has made and launched a new addition to the Pertinence Group conglomerate called Homify.

In line with the goal to change the face of real estate in Nigeria, Pertinence Properties has developed and launched a real estate investment initiative, aimed at ensuring that everyone who has an interest in real estate has equal opportunities available to them, fostering their ability to invest in the industry.

Homify is a multidimensional real estate investment enterprise that presents every individual with three core amazing options:

Homify Investments

Homify sells her investment units to investors at a minimum of N50, 000 for 45% ROI in 12 months OR 20% ROI in 6 months. Investors’ funds are invested in already existing estates and the fulfillment of the payment of ROI upon the maturity of the investments are 100% guaranteed.

Homify Investment at N50,000 for 45% ROI in 12 months
Homify Investment at N50,000 for 20% ROI in 6 months

Landbank by Homify

Similar to the fixed deposit model that the banking industry operates, Landbank by Homify offers the sale of landed properties to investors at the sum of N5,000,000 and investors have the option of reselling back to Homify in 12 months at N7,500,000. In the case where investors decide not to resell back to Homify, they will not be awarded the already fixed ROI.

Landbank by Homify

Homify Homes

Homify homes provide state of the art, sophisticated and smart houses to everyone who wants a luxurious home. Homify ensures that luxurious homes are made available to interested persons with as low as N1million initial deposit. Payment plans that span up to five years are also available to subscribers, making it easier for them to own their dream home.

The pilot locations for Homify homes are Pertinence Properties’ iLand Properties estate located at Shapati, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos state and Lead Avenue estate, Mowe, Ogun state. Subscribers have the option of choosing one-bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and four-bedroom apartments to be built for them.

Homify by Pertinence Properties Limited is welcoming every potential investor on board, encouraging them to trust the brand and Pertinence Group as a whole.

To register and learn more about Homify by Pertinence Properties, please visit or call 08140000428 or 08182496310 for more inquiries.

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The Foundation is Everything

You have probably heard people say that the foundation of a house is more important than the house itself. You also might have heard of cases where the foundation cost more to set up than the entire house in terms of money. All of these are true and are not exaggerated. The foundation of a house is everything and more because it goes a long way in determining if the house will remain standing for a long time or if it will sink.

According to The Constructor, the foundation is the lowest part of the building that is in direct contact with the soil, transferring loads from the structure to the soil safely. The foundation is divided into two generally:

The Shallow Foundation

Also known as spread footing in the construction industry, the shallow foundation is the type of foundation created with depth as little as 3 feet into the soil and is mostly used for light buildings such as kiosks and beach sheds. Because it is not deeply rooted in the soil, the shallow foundation usually does not consume a lot of resources in terms of building materials and money. There are three types of shallow foundations as well called individual footings, strip footings, and raft foundation.

Image of a shallow foundation

Whenever the weather is cold, it is important that extra attention is paid to shallow foundations in order to avoid freezing. A proactive measure that construction engineers often take is building the foundation above what is called the Frost Line.

The Frost Line is a level in the ground that is above where freezing begins. In cases where the foundation cannot be built above the Frost Line, insulation is always put in place in order to ensure that some level of heat passes from the building, into the foundation and the soil in order to prevent freezing.

The Deep Foundation

Also called pile foundation, a deep foundation is the type of foundation created with depth as deep as 60 feet to 250 feet into the soil and is mostly used for high rise buildings such as towers and duplexes, in order to ensure that these sort of buildings do not collapse suddenly at a later date. It involves the use of a lot more cement and irons. Therefore, it is considered to be significantly more expensive than the shallow foundation. The deep foundation also has two types which are the end bearing pile and friction pole.

Image of a deep foundation

In Nigeria, Lagos to be specific, a lot of people believe that the type of foundation put underneath a building is only dependent on the type of soil the land being built upon has. Clients often go back and forth with construction engineers because, despite professional counsel, they want to go ahead and build a duplex on a shallow foundation because the land is located on the mainland, which is considered to be strictly dry land.

There is a common misconception that deep foundations and german floors are strictly for properties on the island because that area is considered to be mostly swampy and sand-filled. This is not totally true because the design of the house to be built is considered alongside the nature of the land it’s going to be built upon when determining the type of foundation to be built.

It is very important to note that a foundation can be perfectly built using concrete, steel, stones, bricks, and others. The type of building materials used in constructing a foundation and the building as a whole also depends on the design of the building as well as the nature of the soil of the land it’s been built upon.

To learn more about topics like this from our seasoned construction engineers, follow us on Instagram and join in our Real Estate Realities series that takes place by 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday.