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RealVest launches homeownership initiative, announces Mercy Aigbe as the brand ambassador.

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On the 25th of June 2020, RealVest, one of Nigeria’s most prominent and reliable real estate investment platform launched a new homeownership initiative called HomeVest. RealVest was launched in November 2019 by Pertinence Limited as a real estate investment platform that allowed it’s investors invest a minimum of N50, 000 for 50% ROI in 18 months. The second phase of the investment was set at 45% ROI for 18 months.

RealVest has been able to garner more than 5,000 investors and 12,000+ users across 9 nations of the world. In order to tackle the home deficit challenge in Nigeria and ensure that homeownership is available to all regardless of income level, RealVest birthed HomeVest. HomeVest is a homeownership concentrated initiative that makes it possible for people to pay a minimum of N50, 000 monthly for a period of 60 months and eventually own a home. A variety of estate locations owned by Pertinence Limited are available for persons to choose from as these are the locations in which HomeVest houses will be built. Persons also have the option of subscribing to a one, two, or three-bedroom house to be built for them.

When asked about why HomeVest was created, Mr. Wisdom, one of the co-founders of Pertinence Limited said:

“We all know one person or a family that is long overdue for their own home. They have been tenants for so long and you hear them talk about how they will love to have their own home. We know that the process involved in homeownership is not an easy one for the layman and that is why we are here to make it simple for every person who will buy into this opportunity.”

Also present at the launch of HomeVest by RealVest was Mercy Aigbe, the brand’s ambassador and she expressed her excitement concerning the homeownership initiative by saying:

RealVest also announced that the co-earn investment opportunity will be launched again at N50, 000 for 35% ROI in 18 months and that a mobile app will be launched soon as well.

To be a part of HomeVest or to co-earn, please visit to register and get started.

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