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Real Estate is your money’s best friend.

Years before now, “real estate is a great investment” was a usual anthem that was chanted among people even though it was viewed as an asset that was strictly for the wealthy in society. In recent times, especially in 2020, there has been a change in that narrative because the industry has been tailored in a manner that makes it possible for people who fall into the middle class or salary earners space to be able to successfully purchase properties.

The worldwide COVID-19 crisis is around the world has dealt a hard blow on the economy of many countries seeing as a lot of businesses including banks, were forced to pause operations which resulted in the mass layoff of staff, the decline in the value of stock rates and many more.

A lot of individuals have been on the hunt for an asset that would help multiply the money that they currently have without hitting a decline due to the pandemic at hand and that is why real estate is on the rise as the best asset to invest money in this year.

Often referred to as an inflation resistant investment, real estate is expected to appreciate in value and increase income if it is being leased for residential or commercial purposes, therefore causing it to retain its value even during an inflation crisis.

According to Business Day, if an apartment in Lagos cost N36,000 per month due to inflation two years ago, that same apartment would cost around N72,000 per month currently. An increase in demand for real estate products, its ability to survive the effect of inflation, and its ability to appreciate with time has positioned it to be a good investment option in 2020.

For this reason, Pertinence Limited has put together a beautiful variety of mouthwatering promos on our properties to ensure that regardless of this pandemic, your finances are secured through real estate. Interested? Please visit or call us on 08140000428, 08182496310.

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